Thursday, November 20, 2014

“Jam the Gym” blog features Courtney Thompson

“Court & Spark celebrates volleyball and showcases Courtney’s effervescent personality”

This week’s Jam the Gym blog features an interview with Courtney Thompson. As co-producers of Court & Spark, we’re grateful for the nice shoutouts.

A few excerpts:
  • You can't win without a Courtney Thompson. Courtney is the volleyball equivalent of the hockey "grinder", not afraid to go into the corner and take a hit to make a play, not afraid to take a beating in front of the net to screen the goaltender.

  • She was also the subject of a beautifully filmed documentary called "Court and Spark". "Court and Spark" celebrates volleyball and showcases Courtney's effervescent personality.  It has been passed around our team this year to rave reviews!

  • Ellen and I are huge fans of Court and Spark!  We just love how it was shot and how it celebrates volleyball and life.

Please see the entire interview at Jam the Gym.

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